scoot and shoot: taste of Long Beach

As I mentioned yesterday, I have adopted a new attitude about my scooter. Just in time, too. Today I set out in the afternoon in search of a new nail spa for my regular mani-pedi. I have no bend-ability in my back, so I cannot do my own pedicures. I have been having them done and most often just get both manicure and pedicure. I have been looking for a place closer to home so I can go during the week instead of using up valuable time on the weekend. Weekends should be for exploring and refreshing the mind with art and creative adventure, not salon appointments or, horrors, grocery shopping.

On my way today scooting around downtown Long Beach, I happened upon a street fair. Being a naturally nos . . . er, I mean, curious person, I scooted over and happily found myself in the midst of the Taste of Long Beach, which was just getting started and will continue again tomorrow evening. I will return to watch the artists, listen to the musicians and grab dinner again at one of the booths from a great choice of some fine restaurants from around town. Tonight I ate at Creme de la Crepe and took home dinner for Marvin. Tomorrow I’ll have to choose again.

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