nail salon, hair salon . . . weekend

We are having a few of those June gloomy mornings as the marine layer lingers until early afternoon. In the spirit of getting out as much as possible, however, and hoisted on the good luck of finding a great new nail salon close to home, I went out hunting today for a new hair salon. My hair was very coarse and curly, prone to frizz, as I grew up, so my mom cut my hair until my twenties. After that I had a huge Afro while that was in style in the seventies, and then I started my endless search for stylists who could cut very curly hair. How many times I had someone tell me they could cut my hair only to walk out of the salon looking like a scrunched Brillo pad—my nickname throughout grade school.

I have from time to time found someone wonderful who really could cut my hair, and I would pay and travel without any reservation because a good cut is worth it. After I lost my hair in 2004, the first time I went through chemo, and it grew back, it was very, very fine and thin for at least two years. Finally it started recovering. It came back with enough brown to make it worth dying the gray to keep my natural dark, reddish brown color. When I lost my hair in 2009, again, I avoided wigs, which I just could not tolerate on my head—too much heat and itching, and went bald. I love hats and scarves, so I wore them often and mostly to keep the chill away from my naked head.

This time my hair grew back salt and pepper with mostly salt. I have kept it short so that I don’t need to deal with a lot of change when it comes out again. Also, it is easier for upkeep. The texture has now returned to its coarseness and curl, but I am having it styled very short to avoid looking like too much of a white-haired poof. Today, I found someone to cut it the way I want, so I am rejoicing after several months of searching for someone who can do a short cut without resorting to a chop job, which either my husband or I could just do at home. I doubt it could be much worse than some of those cuts from the past.

So now, with pretty toes and fingernails and a very cool do, thanks to fabulous Janelle, I am ready for the weekend. Bring it on.

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