what the heck

I noticed recently on FaceBook that there is an event this Saturday, June 18, 2011, titled “don’t give a f*&%.” What the heck.

It got me thinking about who would want to be part of this. What kind of motivation does one need to want to be part of this. Maybe it is just my humble opinion, but I do not recall apathy as being a trait for anyone who wanted to achieve anything in life. I doubt that apathy is a cherished trait of anyone with a Nobel Prize or a Pulitzer or an Olympic medal or any dancer on any stage or in front of any classroom. Watching the summer tennis grand slam events, the French Open that just ended, and the upcoming Wimbledon and US Open: I doubt that we could find an ounce of apathy from any of the players, seeded or not.

I just wonder. Who aspires to apathy. Sometimes I think maybe a little apathy about cancer might be good, but I can’t even unwind myself enough to be apathetic about something so undesirable. Conversely, I cherish the moments that I think of everything else in my life that I love, but that would be avoidance rather than apathy. Most of the time, unless cancer is kicking at me with fatigue or other discomforts, I burn with a desire to accomplish my goals. Sometimes I am anxious that I will run out of time before I learn what I need to do what I must.

But apathy? I’ll go search again. I’ll look in every compartment of my life. I will look even as far back as I can remember. I will look through every list I have of all my goals and favorites and, even, my to-do’s. I will even look over my list of household chores because if I can find apathy anywhere in my life, it would have to be there in that list.

I will close now so I can start looking since time will run out quickly before it’s time to sleep so I can get up early tomorrow and chase some photos tomorrow morning when the light is right. Then, I’ll look for my apathy when I have time after scooting and shooting and writing. I don’t know whether I’ll find it by Saturday.

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2 responses to “what the heck

  1. You’re not going to find it, girlfriend, because you’re full of life and the zest of living. It is disturbing to realize how many people don’t care about much of anything other than making sure the TV remote is close by.

    Stay strong, live strong, savor life,

  2. Even more than before, I have trouble understanding ennui/apathy as a way of life. Life is short (shorter for some than for others, but I digress…), why waste a moment? Not only does apathy sap your own life of meaning and joy, but it deprives others of enjoying the person you might have been, the contributions you might have made, the memories you might have shared. Why sit like a lump and be a waste of the air you are breathing? Why have nothing to look back on when you get to the end of life?

    In what way is wasting your life ‘cool’?

    I don’t get it…

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