forget about multitasking

It was slow going this morning since I was making a last-ditch attempt to multitask. Ever since chemo brain came and never left, it is a great challenge for me to do more than one task at a time. I am not sure, however, that this is bad because I have been reading a lot about recent studies that show that multitasking is less efficient than many of us thought previously. In fact, the way many focus on several tasks at one time has proved to be inefficient across the board even though our perception is that we’re wizards.

Long before reading these recent articles, however, I did realize that my multitasking abilities have dwindled. I know that when I need to get something done with accuracy and any kind of satisfactory pace, I must focus entirely on the task at hand. Today I wanted to test myself, so I tried to do basic tasks, like cleaning the kitchen while washing a load of clothes while dusting and sweeping. Sadly, all I did was fumble with the dishes, lose track of where I swept and completely forgot to wash the load of clothes.

After that I decided the best solution was to leave, which was what I had intended to do in the first place. I just got distracted while getting ready to go out, and remembering how I used to be able to do a little this and that while getting ready to go out, thought I would try it today. Apparently, I was feeling a little too sure of myself.

I will finish my sweeping and laundry tomorrow, after I do some scooting and shooting. That seems like the better plan.

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2 responses to “forget about multitasking

  1. I’m seven years out from chemo and still am a chemo brain idiot. You’re right about multitasking. Nothing gets done well. I started to change the linens a while ago, and here I am, commenting on your blog.

  2. Chemo brain definitely an issue, but I do think that menopause is a factor too, whether natural or medically induced. Most ‘women of a certain age’ that I know have given up on the whole multitasking thing. Luckily, I do think that there are certain side effects that come with the new package – I think a lot of us become more creative and deep-thinking as we lose our ability to juggle too many balls at once.

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