Faslodex 14, Xgeva 6

Sometimes the time between treatments slows to a crawl and other times, like this time, it’s a dash forward. Around Wednesday this week I realized my treatment was on my calendar for today. I never put a reminder because it really never is off my mental agenda, but maybe I will set up a reminder from now on just in case. Not only would I not want to miss an appointment, I am most often early.

Today went smoothly with my hubby dropping me off before parking the car. The reception area was unusually quiet today, and my sign-in went so fast that I was finished by the time Marvin came to the infusion center. The longest wait was for the Faslodex® to thaw out and warm up for the injection. Karen’s hand, for a while injured from the repetitive injections that require slow administration of dense fluid medication, is now healed, so she gave me the Xgeva® to my tummy and then the two injections of Faslodex to my hips.

I will be seeing my oncologist soon to discuss the results of the CT/PET scan, but it looks like Faslodex is still working well for me. I pretty much danced away today knowing that I will continue on this treatment.

Time to celebrate. Glad the weekend is here so I can share it with my honey, who, showed up at the infusion center with not one but three scarves and a new bag for my gadgets. I know it sounds funny, but it is fun any time we are together, even when Marvin takes me for treatment. I would never have thought that going for cancer treatment would be a charming date, but I would be wrong. And very lucky.

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One response to “Faslodex 14, Xgeva 6

  1. Oh, Donna!
    Your post brought back sweet memories of the times James and I went to the infusion center. Actually every moment I spent with James for 18 years. Everything we did was fun, filled with lots of humor and love. Many months since his unexpected death, the day after Christmas, I physically ache for him and have been in the depths of depression. Like you and Marvin, we made everything a charming date. I love hearing that other couples share that same kind of magic. I loved reading that. Thank you:)


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