no cleaning here for any reason

About a year ago or more someone notified me about the Cleaning for a Reason site. I was very excited about this as it is impossible for me to do a lot of household chores. My husband does a lot, and I do what I can with very light tools: I can dust and sweep, but I cannot bend or push a vacuum. I do most chores in bits, recovering in between.

When I found the Cleaning for a Reason, I was ecstatic. I thought I would connect with someone from that site and be able to work with a service from then on. For days at a time I would go to the site and try to register. Every time I would go, the quota would be filled for the day for my area. After a long while with no hope of foreseeable success, I quit going there.

Then, I met someone at the infusion center who knew someone at Cleaning for a Reason, and we got to talking about it and got me to consider trying again. This time I tried as early in the day as possible. After a few weeks I did it. I actually succeeded in registering. One of the requirements for signing up is that your oncologist’s office send a verification that you are indeed being treated for cancer. My oncologist was losing her number one nurse at the time, and it was not my thought to remind them to send my verification since I knew they were busy with a lot of other transition business probably more important than my house cleaning.

Finally, Cleaning for a Reason notified me that they received my oncologist’s verification, and they were adding my request to their search for a service in my area. Two weeks later or so they notified me that they could not find anyone available within the time frame, so they were going to close my request. If I wanted to pursue it, I could register again. I wrote back to say I really had no time frame, and I could wait until they found someone. And that was it.

I went from being so excited about this chance for someone to help me with my cleaning to square one. I wonder whether others have been successful in having this happen. It sounds wonderful, and I know a lot of us would benefit tremendously from help. And, I thought it would be a nice way to meet up with a reliable service with whom I could continue to do business. After all, any company or individual offering to provide free services probably has cool people working with them. I do not know whether trying to do this again and having to bother my oncologist with another verification is worth it to me. Maybe my verification will remain on file for a certain amount of time.

I had hoped to report something other than a no-go on this, so I will probably try again so I can let y’all know how it works. For now, I guess I’ll try to keep up with my touch-and-go cleaning methods.

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