Father’s Day memories

For Father’s Day I spent the day with my husband, reading the newspaper and then enjoying breakfast at our current favorite place. We talked about fathers, fatherhood, and I recalled memories with my family and my dad who passed 4-25-10 and my mom who passed 10-13-97. I enjoy thinking of the times we spent together, like our Sunday outings that I wrote about the other day, My dad was a musician, so music was an integral part of my life as long as I can remember.

My husband recently got a book, Lost Detroit, by Dan Austin and Sean Doerr, on the architecture of Detroit and its many beautiful buildings that have deteriorated with abandonment. When I started reading the book, the buildings on those pages brought back many memories associated with those places that I had been to attend various events.

Among those places was the Vanity Ballroom, an exquisite place with an incredible polished hard wood dance floor and stage for a band. My dad played jobs at that ballroom, and I remember going there with my mom when she would sometimes accompany my dad to venues that allowed spouses to attend. I remember my dad and his band members playing swing and Latin samba, tango, rumba and cha cha along with beguine and jazz improvisation. I loved listening to the band, and even more, watching the band members. Naturally, I loved the dancing, watching and trying myself to learn from the sidelines. It was magical.

Today I thought a lot about the music that became so much of an influence on me throughout my life because of my dad who loved his music and touched all of us with that love.

Photo: Nora and Angelo Bacacio, early 1940s

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One response to “Father’s Day memories

  1. I love that picture of grandma and grandpa. As I was reading this, I swear that I could hear him playing my favorite song in the background 🙂

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