metsister Ann dances into the light

While we celebrate Independence Day this weekend, it is not without a sad heart because we have lost another member of our fold. Ann Everson Maree had a blog, which her husband will continue, and her tagline was “I may have cancer, it does not have me.” We never spoke, but metastatic breast cancer made us sisters, and losing her is a reminder that this stupid disease can send our life into a sudden downward spiral.

All of us who know this unwelcome intruder grieve for the loss of another metsister whom we loved no less because we never met. The Internet makes friends of strangers, and with stage IV cancer, it makes some of us sisters who feel love for each other that many people would not understand.

May  you dance into a beautiful light, dear Ann with love from all your metsisters.

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2 responses to “metsister Ann dances into the light

  1. Oh, dear, another light lost from our firmament. Too many, too many…

    It’s funny to say, “We’ve never met,” when in some ways we’ve been more intimate with each other through our blogs, and become closer emotionally, than we could say we know the people that we work with every day, or the people who live next door to us. After all, we share our experiences, our thoughts, our fears, our dreams, our sorrows, our challenges and our hopes with one another.

    We’ve never met, Donna, and yet I know your heart and your spirit. I think when our own lights go out, I will recognize you when we meet ‘on the other side’…

  2. I’m sorry you’ve lost another metsister. I’m also aware of how easily I can go from “having had” breast cancer, to joining your sisterhood. So disturbing for all of us.

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