4th of July memories of fireworks in Detroit

This was the perfect southern California weekend. We do not go to the beach, but most everyone here does, so the shore is pretty much crowded from the afternoon into the evening. On the 4th of July people get to the beach early in the day and save their places for the fireworks tonight courtesy of the Queen Mary that calls Long Beach home.

We are not in the mood much for crowds lately, so we typically avoid such events. I have always loved going to see the 4th of July fireworks, though and have seen some great displays in the different cities where I have lived. One of the best fireworks shows for the 4th was in Detroit, my home town, which sits alongside the Detroit River. The show used to have two or three barges on the river that launched the spectacular fireworks show as soon as the sun set; the fireworks were always coordinated with a fabulous soundtrack. I worked in downtown Detroit for several years, and for the 4th I would stay downtown with friends after work to find a place to watch the show and celebrate the holiday.

Though it has been a long time since I lived in the Motor City, I can close my eyes and visions of the past rush back of the friends and experiences that made my life so rich. For me no matter where I lived, the most meaningful memories are about the friends I made. Tonight I can’t help but remember going with friends before the fireworks to the Checker Bar on Cadillac Square for the best burger in town. I wonder if any of those friends think about that as they watch the fireworks tonight. It feels like just yesterday.

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