farmers’ markets in your neighborhood

Eating healthy during the summer seems easy. We have so many choices of wonderfully fresh vegetables and fruits. Years ago I loved heading to the Eastern Market in Detroit on the city’s near east side. Usually alone heading out around six o’clock on a Saturday morning, I often made the 30- or 60-mile trip when I drove from Ann Arbor coffee in hand and co-op bags ready for filling. Back then the prices at the Eastern Market were ridiculously low, forcing me, of course, to d buy so much that I would spend the remaining weekend cooking or inviting friends over to share flats of strawberries or peppers or bouquets of flowers.

Since then, farmers’ markets have sprung up in most of the local communities so that no matter what day of the week you want to shop for fresh local produce, you need to drive no more than about ten miles. Plus, now, I consult my totally cool Farmers’ Market Finder application for my iPhone whenever I need a fresh blueberry fix. Online, there are numerous sites that you can find easily by searching for farmers’ markets; narrow it to your community by adding locations to the search engine. Thanks to the Internet, you don’t have to drive around spending money on fuel looking for a local market.

Happy hunting, happy eating. Remember to call your friends over to help you eat those 10 beautiful pineapples.

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