connecting with family

Some families have ties that never loosen. Despite differences and distance, some families remain connected. They use the Internet to stay in touch even though that conversation might last only five minutes or occur over a few lines of abbreviated text or symbols. My family is like that. We have many miles between us, but somehow we maintain a closeness that is hard to beat.

When I write my gratitude list today, family is all of it. Let’s face it, when you are fortunate to have a meaningful relationship with your family, it is quite a blessing, I know a lot of people who are estranged from their families for a variety of reasons that are not frivolous. It is always a heartache. I notice, too, that many of those people keep trying to find a connection with those family members who, for whatever reason, have chosen to disassociate themselves from one or more members of the family. Years ago I had a friend whose family was abusive to a toxic level. The members were cruel to one another, emotionally and physically attacking each other whenever they got together.

Yet, this friend would continue to visit, hoping every time that something would change. It never did, and she never stopped visiting even though she returned feeling betrayed, humiliated and overwhelmingly depressed. That proved to me more than ever that despite the personal disagreements among my own family members, I have a cool family. It is not too large: two sisters and their families. My sister’s daughter is my goddaughter, and one of her children is not only my great-niece but also my goddaughter.

My gratitude list today is short: having a visit from my sister and her granddaughter, who traveled a great distance to spend ten days with me. Of course, I wish the other members of my family all were here together, but at least I have the two of them here to love and appreciate for the next several days. We are off to a good start, and I want more than anything that they return home thinking about the fun visit we had and not the “fun visit even though . . . . I am demanding the next ten days be free from interference from you know what. I will not accept any less. A fun visit, period.
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