bone pain and fatigue: side effects from Faslodex, Xgeva

Friday’s treatment is still resonating with bone pain, mostly in my left arm and shoulder and the left thigh. My right hip is also feeling some characteristic shooting pains that always become more intense and frequent at night.

I suppose between the excitement of my sister and niece visiting and the little activity, it should not have been a surprise when suddenly late yesterday my body crashed in fatigue. It was so debilitating all I could do was sleep, which I did for a couple of hours as soon as we got home. After sleeping through the night, I still woke up groggy and shaky. Today we stayed in, relaxing and ordering dinner. Since Disney is in the plan this week, I am planning the pre-trip with near bed rest and plenty of fluids. All I will need when we get to Anaheim is a scooter with panniers so I can tote our packages while sis and niece ride.

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3 responses to “bone pain and fatigue: side effects from Faslodex, Xgeva

  1. I get my Xgeva with my abraxane, so it never occurred to me that the Xgeva might in itself cause bone pain – I relate it to a lessening of pain in the long run, so I didn’t go much further than that in my assessment. I’ll have to really pay attention to the difference between the reaction to the abraxane alone, and the reaction in the weeks where the Xgeva is added.

    You’ve been bringing up a lot of interesting points lately!

  2. I have metastasized prostate cancer and received my first shot of Xgeva last week. Two days later I had bone pain which was pretty bad. I was warned by the nurse that it sometimes happens and that I should get some pain meds ready.

  3. Robin Spotleson

    need someone to vent to. Im literally crippled from the Xgeva . At least I think thats causing severe pain in both thighs/feels like theyre going to snap in half when I stand. I walk with a slow painful gait and Im hoping Im not alone in this cancer hell. Robin

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