updating family database

With family visiting I am so happily distracted from you know what that I cannot even associate it with the scattered discomforts that pop up after treatment.

Today was a beautiful day in southern California to enjoy the simple pleasure of being together. No hurries. No thoughts of anything but sharing thoughts, reclaiming memories and becoming acquainted.

Do you ever notice that even though you might be family members a long time, you may have forgotten something about your sibling, parent or child that is important? Family membership in itself bestows little knowledge of each other. Sometimes it is good to reacquaint yourself with each other to re-establish the relationship. We cannot take for granted any relationship including the relationships with family members. But it’s easy to do.

Without the curiosity to learn about our loved ones we relegate them to a stifling box carved out of habits that may long ago have ceased. Yet, some of us may continue to define relationships with family members based on past experiences.

Maybe it’s time to re-examine and update the family database.

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One response to “updating family database

  1. Wow, good description of an important issue. We’re currently experiencing a family upheaval of epic proportions, and it’s good to be reminded that there are other perspectives from which to observe the folks we are trying to deal with…

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