family love

Since my sister and niece have left to return home to Michigan, it feels so quiet again. All of the excitement has concluded in the denouement of the visit’s activities. The visit was a bittersweet mix: so good to share time, so sad for it to end.

I have needed to sleep quite a bit yesterday and today. The activity during the visit was good though tiring, but at times the emotional content overextended my physical limits. That never used to happen as I could rise early and stay up till any hour of the night without ill effect. Now, sharing conversation and feeling the excitement of renewing a relationship or kindling another brand new seemed at times to be more than I could handle. Skipping my usual naps in favor of visiting made my night’s sleep deeper and longer than usual. Most days I woke up with a severe case of bed face, obviously, from sleeping in one position too long.

Emotionally, I found myself fighting the sadness that comes from being unable to do what I want because of the weakness and depleted energy stores. Still, getting out despite my restrictions is always a joy. I concentrate on that and deny the tug of the pity party. Ignoring the bone pain and other general side effects after treatment was a bit easier, though, with the backdrop of family sharing and fun places to go.

Family love is something quite special and can be quite durable. I hope it is something that our family will always share no matter what else is going on in our lives.

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One response to “family love

  1. Felt the same during recent visit from old dear friend (ex-fiance, actually). Even though one overextends and gets a bit ‘stretched thin’, the distraction is welcome, and probably healthy in spite of what it inevitably takes out of us. After all, it may weigh our bodies down a bit, but it definitely lifts the spirits more!

    Glad you had a good time, dearest girl!

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