rejuvenated with art

It’s hard to believe that a week has passed since my sister and niece left California to return home to Michigan after a ten-day visit. Although their leaving made me feel sad, I knew the time would go by quickly. Still we had fun visiting and sight-seeing, and I spent the better part of this week taking it easy after all the fun, though they were graciously sensitive about my restrictions.

Today Marvin and I went to the Getty Center. It was, as always, spiritually rejuvenating. We wanted to see the Paris exhibit before it closed on August 8th, and it was worth every minute. I particularly loved the many articles they had for writing, which was the key form of communicating in the late 1800s. One item for women was a an ingenious combination dressing table and desk with some compartments for beauty aids and others for pens and stationery. When it was closed, it looked like a dressing table; when opened, it presented a writing area covered in silk (to keep the stationery from moving around while writing), which also converted to a book holder with the flip of a latching mechanism. I wanted to take that piece home with me.

As we often do when we visit the Getty Center, we had lunch at the restaurant. As is typical, the food was wonderful, the service warmly professional, and today we  had the added pleasure of conversation with a delightful couple sitting at the table next to us.

Today will be part of my book of picture-perfect memories. Not one part of it would I change, and I hope I will remember every little detail from my husband’s never-ending patience in wheeling me around to the last-minute visit to see the brass sculptures from Cambodia.

I stand in awe of what men and women create with their hands and their hearts: the light in the eyes of the men and women in the paintings, the strength in the sinew of the warriors’ arms and legs, the delicate peaceful countenance on the faces of the Hindu gods and the Buddha. Artists capture not just a facsimile of a subject’s physical presence but the life’s energy of that subject. It’s no wonder how transfixed I become when visiting an exhibit, unable to leave one incredible painting or sculpture and move on to the next.

When is the last time you felt inspired by the amazing creation of great artists? Don’t miss the experience. It will revive you in the most unexpected ways.

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One response to “rejuvenated with art

  1. You just put into words how, I myself, feel when I go to Art Institutes and Art Centers of all kinds….just in awe!!! Always open to the possibilities any one piece might hold for me and my own interpretation! So glad you had one of those picture perfect days Donna!!

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