research update: iniparib results suggest redesign and new studies

Yesterday I wrote about the Phase III study of iniparib (Sanofi Aventis’ PARP inhibitor that showed promising results in the Phase II clinical trial) and its failure to show the continued promising results that researchers expected.

All is not lost, however. One of  the speculations about the results was based on  earlier studies that seemed to show iniparib benefited, in particular, patients with the BRCA gene mutation. In the Phase III study those benefits did not occur. In this article Dr. O’Shaughnessy, the principal investigator of the iniparib clinical trials, discusses how the researchers will not abandon iniparib as possible treatment for metastatic triple negative breast cancer but will redesign the studies.With the heterogeneous nature of the the cells and the numerous subtypes of breast cancer, it appears that iniparib may have reacted to one of the other subtypes rather than the BRCA 1/2 as was previously thought. One way of redesigning the study might be to try to isolate the subtype for which iniparib seemed to be effective.

Sanofi’s Iniparib Fails Phase III Study, but Firm Investigating Benefit by Molecular Subtypes. By Tuma Ray in Pharmacogenomics Reporter 6-15-11

NOTE Other PARP inhibitors are also undergoing study through other pharmacology manufacturers: Abbott has veliparib and AstraZeneca has olaparib. I’ll be back with more on these at a later date.

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