RIP dear Susan

I just got an e-mail informing me of the passing of a dear friend and breast cancer sister whom I met online in 2004–05, when I was going through treatment for my primary BC. Susan and I met through her cousin, who lived here in SoCal and participated with Marvin and me in the local art walk exhibits. When I got my diagnosis, this friend told me about her cousin in New York, also diagnosed at the same time.

We started communicating right away and remained in touch until she retired from her job at one of the big hospitals in NYC. After that we lost touch. She did not die of mBC but a rare blood disorder. I am so sad to learn about this. She was one of the most delightful human beings I have ever known. We wrote so much in our e-mail exchanges until one day we both wrote simultaneously, I don’t even know what you look like. We sent each other photos through snail mail since neither of us had FaceBook accounts then. Susan always made me feel safer and more secure about whatever was going to happen, or not, with or without cancer. She had a beauty that transcended the distance between, always reaching out and touching my heart with her charm and spiritual grace.

Susan was a gentle soul with a lively sense of humor an ingenuous spirit that will forever remain in my memory. Rest in peace, my dear sister.

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One response to “RIP dear Susan

  1. It is amazing how close we can feel with people we’ve never met face-to-face, isn’t it? It gives me some insight into the life of my grandmother, who had close relationships with ‘penpals’ in several countries, even though they never met in person. I think she would understand blogging, even if she didn’t understand computers…

    In the meantime, this reminds me that we don’t often tell other people how we feel about them, what we think of them, while they are around to know about it. We wait until we are memorializing them. I have to think a bit more about that, about why we do that, why it is so uncomfortable to tell others about their good qualities, what makes them unique and special to us, how much they add to our lives and how much we care about them.

    And if I forget later to tell you about how I enjoy your poetry and your clarity of expression; how much I appreciate your warmth and generosity of spirit; how comforted I am at times by your steadiness; how grateful I am that you somehow manage to be optimistic without ignoring reality or indulging in irritating chirpiness… well, remind me, and I’ll definitely get around to it.


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