scrambling to lower blood glucose readings

I’m going for treatment tomorrow and trying to get ready for a CT/PET scan next Friday. Life is full of appointments at the cancer center.

My current challenge is my blood glucose readings. They had been fine, but suddenly they are higher than they should be. I don’t know if I threw it off by missing some meals, since it does seem like my body is sensitive to fluctuations in meal times. I got a bit careless, I suppose, when my company was visiting and we were eating off schedule.

When Zometa® elevated my creatinine, my primary care physician discontinued my Metformin® (oral diabetes medication) because it, also, causes problems with kidney function. It seemed fine as my glucose readings remained about the same and stable within a range. My A1C number was within the range for diabetes, which means it could be lower, but it was still all right. When my oncologist last Friday said I need another CT/PET scan soon, I started taking my glucose readings again regularly. That’s when I saw that they were higher than usual. If I cannot reduce the reading, I will be unable to have my CT/PET scan. That makes me feel a bit panicky, but I’m just refusing to think I cannot work this out.

So, I am furiously working at doing whatever I can to control my glucose levels. Most of it is obvious: limited carbs, protein with every meal or snack, regular schedule of meals (for some reason this is a challenge), drinking ample fluids and walking as much as possible. Also, I am now diligently taking vinegar with my meals. I had gotten the vinegar pills a couple of months ago but was sloppy in following the regimen. I would take it one time and then forget the next. I am usually disciplined with this sort of thing, but sometimes with everything cancer going on I find the diabetes regimen annoying.

I don’t do sweets, typically, but because I’m vegetarian, I get lax with the protein component. And, it seems, at least for me, I need that protein to help keep the numbers in check. Oh, and I get those high morning readings that some people get. That’s also annoying. I think my blogger buddy Eileen mentioned that eating something at night yields a better morning reading, and I believe that has proven true for me on a couple of occasions. I’m still testing that, however, with the latest information suggesting that vinegar plus two ounces of cheese helps control those elevated morning readings.

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One response to “scrambling to lower blood glucose readings

  1. I talked to my PET/CT tech last time, and she said that for diabetics they suggest that the day before the scan they suggest that you eat whatever gives you a good reading in the morning, even if that means eating carbs or whatever. It’s more important to them that you stay within that glucose range at the time of testing than that you follow the usual rules as far as the day before goes (still, avoid caffeine if you can…)

    Good luck with the scan, dear girl – not only getting the bg levels down, but also I will cross my fingers that the scan report is a good one!

    Warm hugs for good measure…

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