Faslodex 16, Xgeva 8

Treatment day is extremely efficient now. When I arrive and sign in, my oncology nurse already has my injections from the pharmacy. As soon as the tech takes me back for my vitals, I take my Faslodex® syringes and start prepping them for the injections to my hips by warming them up with my body heat. I’ve written about this previously: it helps ease the injection to have the medication at body temperature. I take the Xgeva® injection in my upper right arm or sometimes the tummy. Faslodex goes one in each hip. Because the staff are so efficient, my husband barely has time to park the car and get to the infusion center before we are on our way back out again. On the alternating months blood work is part of the routine, but this was the off month, so none today.

After treatment I always feel the fatigue seeping into my body. But today I ignored it. I have been wanting to go to Laguna Beach for the summer art exhibits, so that’s where we headed with my walker ready to go. It was a perfect day: not too hot, with a bit of a breeze, and the crowd stayed away until we were getting ready to leave. I walked and sat, and it got me through the exhibit just fine. We saw a lot of fine art in a small area: glass, photography, oil and acrylic paintings, amazing watercolors, stunning jewelry, metal sculpture, clay sculpture, pottery, wood. It was a treat, but we were both ready to go by the time I ran out of steam.

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