foggy and wobbly after Faslodex and Xgeva

With every treatment the fatigue stalks me relentlessly. The few days immediately after are the worst and include those lovely night-time shooting bone pains. Last night I could not get comfortable no matter how much I shifted, and despite the exhaustion, I stayed awake the entire night. When the dawn rolled in, I was almost giddy with sleeplessness.

I remember those days when losing sleep was no big deal. A night of only three-hours sleep was just a little inconvenient, remedied easily by one good strong cup of coffee. When I don’t get my regular night of six or seven hours of sleep now, a dense fog creeps around all day long. Not only are my thoughts unclear but I am usually more wobbly.

It was not a complete waste, however. We took the car for some maintenance, which required nothing of me but sitting and waiting while Marvin took care of business. Tonight: early to bed with the anticipation that nothing will keep me from falling instantly asleep.

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One response to “foggy and wobbly after Faslodex and Xgeva

  1. Donna,
    I remember what that cumulative fatigue feels like. There were days I thought I was literally done for because it almost took more energy to breath than I had.

    You are a strong woman. I admire your fight.


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