advocate training: NBBC Project LEAD workshop, Seattle 10/21–23/2011

NBCC Project LEAD workshop
The Westin Seattle
Seattle, Washington
Friday 10/21/11 through Sunday 10/23/11
Application deadline: 10/14/11 Apply online
Scholarship deadline: 9/13/11 Apply online (same application deadline)

By now we have all heard that the National Breast Cancer Coalition has declared 2020 the deadline to end breast cancer. We are motivated. We are ready to speak. But how can we help? We can educate ourselves and learn how to be effective in advocating. We all have a voice, but advocacy is more than sharing opinions. It is learning the language, understanding the priorities and becoming adept in navigating the complex networks that affect treatment of this disease. The NBCC can help us by providing us with the training to hone those skills.

The Project LEAD® introductory workshop teaches advocates the science of breast cancer. NBCC also offers another annual intensive five-day training conference, typically held during the summer, and a number of other training courses held during alternate years. See their site for more information. This workshop, however, is the launch for advocacy training, so start here if you’re new to advocacy.

Remember to mark the dates for the deadlines.

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