hoping for good glucose levels for tomorrow’s PET scan

Tomorrow will be my CT/PET scan, which seemed to sneak into every thought in my head this week no matter how much I try to ignore it. Rising tumor markers always put one on alert, even though you say over and over, It’s probably antigens sloughing off of all those dying cancer cells, or, well, whatever. I don’t really think a lot about it, but it just nags, nonetheless, and usually at night when sleep seems imminent.

My main concern this week has been my glucose readings. As you may recall, my glucose readings have been high and causing me concern because the maximum reading before a PET scan is around 140. Last week my BG readings two hours after meals were mostly in the 180s; once it was 209. My morning readings are typically high, but I have not yet determined whether I have dawn phenomenon or the Somogyi effect. Morning readings during that worrisome week were in the 160s.

Logging nutrition and glucose readings
I logged everything I ate in my favorite free online program, SparkPeople (it has apps for the iPhone and iPad, too).

I took about five or more glucose readings every day, covering the gamut: out of bed, before meals, after meals, random and before bed. This frenzy tapered off to about four readings. My logging program for glucose readings is the free Glucose Buddy, which also has iPhone and iPad apps

Nutrition modifications
I quit skipping meals and adhered to a regular schedule of small snacks more than meals, ranging from 150 kCal to 300, and totaling an average of 1250 kCal per day. Armed with the little cubes of cheese, almonds, walnuts and yogurt (plain and tarty, not fruity), I was able to nosh here and there.

As I had blogged about here previously, I tried drinking vinegar per the referenced articles on the research showing that vinegar has an effect of reducing BG readings. Since that report, I found vinegar pills (one pill is the equivalent of two teaspoons of vinegar) at Soap.com. The pill makes my tummy much happier than two teaspoons of cider vinegar on an empty stomach. Blech. And, I am someone who really loves vinegar. But, seriously, not straight up, first thing in the morning, or, for that matter, any other time of the day. The pills are wonderful. Before every meal I take one pill with water. Before bed, in keeping with the instructions for deterring the high morning reading, I have the recommended snack: vinegar pill (actually sometimes two pills) and two ounces of cheese. By the way, if you are going to try the vinegar route, avoid balsamic vinegar (its sugar level seems to nullify the benefit). The studies used cider vinegar.

My glucose readings have decreased:

  • 135 to 147 after meals (from 180s)
  • 120s random (all over, ranging from 160 to 209)
  • 137 morning (160s)
  • 115 lowest reading: morning, before breakfast, post-rising 1.5 hours

So tomorrow morning I hope my readings will behave for my CT/PET scan. Today, of course, I followed the advance preparation for PET scans; tonight it’s just filtered water for me. Right at 12 hours pre-test I did take my two ounces of cheese, however, along with the vinegar pill, actually two pills, with the hope that it will reduce my morning glucose reading.

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One response to “hoping for good glucose levels for tomorrow’s PET scan

  1. Pray for you regularly. A little longer tonight and in the morning. I love you cousin. Claudia

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