breast cancer topics in complementary and alternative medicine (CAM)

In reviewing the latest trials for complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) targeting metastatic breast cancer, I found this list for all breast cancer. Search the site for specifics, e.g. metastatic, by using your browser’s FIND or SEARCH function. Type metastatic, and the browser will find all of the studies relating to metastatic.

Although I found only three such studies, it is interesting to review the other studies and topics relating to breast cancer prevention and survival that are of current interest in the world of CAM. Eating soy or flaxseed, avoiding hormone disruptors, drinking green tea, taking ginseng and the relationship of Vitamin D to dense breasts are just some of the targets for study. While these relate not specifically to metastatic breast cancer, I sometimes think that certain areas of the unknown influences of positive factors, such as CAM, can be viewed from a broader perspective than prevention or post-treatment (so-called survivor) status. I for one do not want to opt out of anything that might benefit me whether it seems designed for MBC or not. After all, good nutrition and other healthy habits still benefit us no matter what stage of BC we have, and this is where such influences don’t discriminate between BC and MBC.

Do you find yourself looking at every option to help you tolerate this journey? I know I do. Every little advantage is worth a try, as long as it does not conflict with my standard treatment (I always check with my oncologist). Most of the nutritional advice is to eat natural foods as much as possible while avoiding preservatives and other unnecessary additives that come with packaged and prepared food always seems the best way to eat, anyway. Maybe it just makes me feel that for the moment, at least, I can control what I consume. Even that minuscule level of control gives me a little smug pleasure in MBC’s world of constant uncertainty.

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