mental prep for tomorrow’s PET scan

Trying to relax before my PET scan tomorrow. I took only one glucose reading today; it was 122, a good reading for me and well below the maximum for the PET scan. I am taking the approach that the less I think about it today, the less I will be overly fixated and jittery about the whole process. PET scans make me hyper, anyway, when my tumor markers are rising, but I cannot afford to have stress interfere with the scan by driving up my glucose reading. What can I do at this point when I am eating only protein, fasting as required, drinking water and doing anything I can to relax. Deep breaths and visualization.

Since the tech squeezed me into the schedule this week to ensure I get my scan as soon as possible, he got me in before any of the regularly scheduled patients arrive at 7:00 am. That means I have to be at the imaging center at 5:00 am. I went to the infusion center today to access my PowerPort for the scan since the center opens at 7:00. In days of recent past while I was still working, I would get up around 4:30, so this would not be a challenge. Tomorrow, however, after a year of sleeping until six o’clock or later, it will be quite a feat for me to be out the door by 4:30. Thank goodness Marvin keeps a regular schedule of very early bird. At least one of us will be awake on the ride to the cancer center. Even better that he’s alert so early as he will be driving.

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3 responses to “mental prep for tomorrow’s PET scan

  1. I lift you up in my prayers, Donna.


  2. I wish you good luck for today donna, although we don’t talk much to eachother you are a lot on my mind, we have had a lot of fun on the spo site and I never forget you….Blossem (Holland)

  3. Keep dancing beautiful dancer…swirling and twirling you are. Then stop.
    arms up, toes out…and count…* * * *
    Jump and leap soar and glide, pirouette and dip….
    ah lovely. just lovely. Very good and then it’s done. Breathe
    By the way, something to look forward to,
    I have begun and am over half done of my composite painting of the very young Es and Mom and Dad Decorah bathed in the morning light. I will pop it over to wordpress when done. You’re doing great!! Wonderful Peach of a gal!!!

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