finally passed the qualifying round

Today was the second attempt to have my CT/PET scan.

The day started at 0320. My body rebelled and refused to cooperate. On auto-pilot I got ready, being careful to avoid putting on anything inside out—I did that one time on another one of these zero-dark-early mornings. With a swipe of lip gloss and even less mascara, finger-pouf hair and no jewelry, it was off to the imaging lab. As usual, we arrived in the pitch darkness of early morning and waited in the car until the CT/PET scan technician turned on the lights and greeted me at the door.

After all the prep this week, this morning I decided not to take a glucose reading before I left home. As soon as Gus let me in, he checked my glucose level, and, viola, I was within the range. Thank goodness. Interestingly, after the last couple of days’ out-of-bed readings at 120+ and 130+, this morning was higher at 155. Go figure. After he administered the glucose and radioisotope and put me in the room for my 45-minute waiting period, I continued with my deep breathing exercises and visualization, hoping to keep calm through the scan.

The waiting period allows the areas of the body with metabolic activity to attract the radioisotope, carried by the injected glucose; the PET scan records that activity. Gus administers the PET scan first, keeping me advised of which scan we are on and how much time remains till we’re finished. Before continuing to the CT scan, he checks the PET scan to ensure all is clear. While the PET scan takes 20 to 30 minutes, the CT scan is only about three to five minutes, including check time to ensure the scan is clear.

When it was over, I was so delighted that I forgot to return to the infusion center to remove the needle from my PowerPort. We drove almost all the way home before I remembered. Duh. I was ready to yank it out, but Marvin insisted we rely on his (better) judgment and return to the infusion center so they could flush and then remove it.

After all of that, I slept half of the rest of the day, feeling groggy and exhausted but very relieved to have that behind me. Now, for the results . . .

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One response to “finally passed the qualifying round

  1. I hope and pray your results will be good. Mine didn’t turn out so well. Now I have radiation to look forward to. Oh well I will do anything to prolong my life on this earth, this will be a new experience for me, so I will go witht he flow.

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