Faslodex 17, Xgeva 9

Thank you, cherished readers, for the good thoughts. I am deliriously happy that my treatment continues to work.

Faslodex® is doing a good job of keeping me stable, and that is one of the words of joy we look for during treatment. It was a long day with my arriving extra early, before 6:00 am, at UCI. I waited until 7:30 for the infusion center to open. Gloria was my nurse today and took care of my injections before the usual Friday morning crowd started filling the waiting room. The infusion center is a frequently very busy place.

Afterward I had some time to shuttle over to pick up my PET/CT scans and reports before my niece and nephew picked me up for the ride home. After we bid our goodbyes I expected to scoot out for a bite to eat but found that sleep overcame me as soon as I sat down for a minute. If I had to describe it, I’d say I could feel the medication working on the hot spots of cancer here and there, though I know that’s just my imagination. I do like to think about the treatment wreaking havoc on the cancer and also rebuilding healthy tissue here and there, so I went to sleep and woke up with that image in my head.

Since sleeping seems to be the only thing on my agenda today, I will postpone the out-to-lunch trip.

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2 responses to “Faslodex 17, Xgeva 9

  1. I hope you got a nice meal sooner or later, and that the nap energized you.

    And oh, I’m so glad that the Faslodex is working! I LOVE that word, ‘stable’…

  2. Woo-hoo! The great news I’ve been watching for! Rock on Donna. And keep right on using your imagination to your advantage, it can only help. Love, Elizabeth

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