Faslodex and Xgeva side effects: moderate

I slept as though I had entered another dimension, moving not a single muscle throughout the night and waking in the same position in which I fell asleep. The entire day, however, brought a lot of side effects, including moderate digestive troubles (mild nausea, moderate diarrhea), scattered bone pain and multiple  spasms throughout the morning and into the evening. In fact, a spasm in my right thigh, wrapping inward to the groin was the first doozy of the day that woke me up.

The sites of the injections are just a little sore and itchy but fine otherwise. I am, of course, sleepy as ever and having a difficult time staying awake. I managed to watch a movie and read a bit. Overall, it was a day of slo-mo and of continued appreciation that this treatment continues to stave off progression.

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One response to “Faslodex and Xgeva side effects: moderate

  1. Do you think the side effects are largely due to one or the other, or do you think it’s the combo that is interacting to do you in? Would it help to separate the injections by a week or more, do you think? (Problem-solving brain kicking in – gosh, nice to know a part of my brain is working at all, really…)

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