dehydration and blood glucose

Since my PET/CT scan and the accompanying attention I gave to my blood glucose levels, I have eased off a bit. Instead of taking my BG five times a day, I take it twice or three times. Today, I ran a little high and wondered why since my breakfast was my usual combination of low carb foods: goat cheese and tomatoes and, of course, coffee with cream.

I have been feeling quite fatigued lately, so I stayed in today and mostly read and napped. As the day progressed, I realized I have been drinking a lot less water (and tea) than usual. Maybe this is the reason for the elevated glucose levels. I know that diabetes in itself can have an effect on hydration, especially when the glucose levels are fluctuating and the diabetes is uncontrolled.

With MBC many of us try to manage our health in a way that optimizes whatever we can control. Managing stress, symptoms, side effects, eating well, avoiding unhealthy habits and the simplistic act of drinking water/fluids make me feel as though I am doing something to contribute to my well being, regardless of what the cancer is doing. It is easy, though, to get sidetracked when you don’t feel well, and you forget or neglect some of the little things that help, like drinking that water. It might seem simple, but I know when I get dehydrated, I feel different.

So tomorrow it’s back to keeping my water bottle nearby.

Melissa Lingohr-Smith wrote a good article on on this very topic for LiveStrong. Check it out.

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4 responses to “dehydration and blood glucose

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  2. Good reminder for any health situation in which we find ourselves! Thanks, Donna, for stating it so well! Earlene

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  4. Thank you for the reminder (sipping water as I type… but I didn’t drink enough today, for sure!)

    Another thing that makes managing BG really hard is the medications. The Abraxane raised my BG, and then when I changed to Gemzar it went down to the lower 100’s and I thought great!! No need to worry about it for a while!! And THEN they raised my steroid dosage, and I didn’t know until today – emergency PET scan on Thursday – that steroids can raise BG. First fasting check today, at 10am… 275!!! Arrrrrrrrrrrgh!!! That’s 80 points higher than I’ve ever had, at highest range!!

    Eating and 4 hours brought it down to 170, but… well, dinner, and three hours, gives me 296, even worse. I’m worried about being able to do the scan at all, and it’s really needed. Not sure what to do (other than test again in an hour, and another hour…)

    The cancer gets us, unless the stuff the meds do to us kills us first…

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