rockin’ a simple day

After several days of scattered pain, muscle spasms, nausea and fatigue, today it felt very necessary for me to forget about cancer. I woke up with spasms and knew immediately that I wanted to give it up, at least for the day.

So, I devoted my time to everything but cancer: surfed the ‘net for music, watched a movie, wrote poetry, drew a mandala, spent quality time with my hubby and tried to have a normal day.

And, I did. I succeeded in ignoring you-know-what.

How funny. A rather simple day that truly rocked.

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2 responses to “rockin’ a simple day

  1. Staying strong…….a “normal” day is wonderful.

  2. Donna, do you know where the muscle spasms are coming from? Spent this past weekend (my birthday!) having HORRIBLE cramping body-wide ‘charlie horses’ every time I tried to lay down (I seriously was afraid my toes were going to break themselves, they were twisting and popping so badly… and I’ve never had a charlie horse in my head before…) Took magnesium and D3, don’t know whether it was that or coincidence that things have calmed down a bit. But wondering if the problem is the Xgeva (I’d had my shot a week previously) or the cancer in the bone (90% was on the left side where the major tumors are), or what? The on-call doc at my oncologist’s office was singularly unhelpful when I called, either in positing what the cause might be OR in giving ideas on how to alleviate the pain. I won’t say what I thought of him, that would involve being very rude…
    Anyway, I respect your intelligence more, and I know you’ve been experiencing something similar, so thought I’d ask…

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