cancer education

The more I read about cancer, the more I feel that I don’t know. There seem to be so many subsets that influence the growth of cancer, it is overwhelming. It makes me wonder how we will find a way to turn it off. The only reasonable way , it would seem, to control the spread is through controlling the growth of stem cells. Otherwise, trying to kill cancer by turning off the mechanism that changes that natural cycle of cell growth and death seems like such a daunting task. I have been reading the book, The Emperor of All Maladies, by Siddartha Mukherjee, and it is as fascinating a book on the topic as one can find. It is described as a “biography” of cancer, and it reads so like a biography rather than a medical textbook. At my slow pace of reading these days, I hope to finish it in this lifetime. Maybe the audio book will help me with that. Part of the trouble is that I enjoy reading before I fall asleep, but sometimes reading about cancer just does not ensure a peaceful night of rest.

On the learning front, however, I plan to attend this year’s NBCC (National Breast Cancer Coalition) Project LEAD workshop in Seattle 10/21–23/11. I know of several people who attended last year’s conference and reported very favorably on it. I am excited to attend this year and expect to learn a lot during the 2.5 days of the workshop. Let me know if you expect to attend so we can meet sometime during the meeting. That would be super. I could not attend last year when treatment was a bit brutal, so I figure this year, with my gentler treatment I must take advantage of it and do this.

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2 responses to “cancer education

  1. The Emperor of All Maladies is a great book – it gives a real sense of the complexity of cancer as well as the dedication of researchers and doctors to finding answers.

  2. Enjoy the workshop, sweetie!!

    And thanks for the recommendation – I feel the way you do, research seems to take me off in so many directions that I end up much more confused than I was before I knew anything at all.

    I’m with you on the bedtime reading thing – maybe something to read while waiting for treatment, and during treatment on the days my mom isn’t with me…

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