awareness: estrogen as a risk factor

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A variety of factors raise the risk of breast cancer for a woman including a family history (on either maternal or paternal side). One of the significant risks is a woman’s lifelong production of or exposure to estrogen. When a woman begins menstruating early (before age 12) and experiences menopause later (after age 55), her exposure to estrogen is increased. Also, hormone replacement therapy, especially estrogen and progestin in combination, raise a woman’s risk for breast cancer. Obviously, the first two are out of a woman’s control, but taking HRT to ease symptoms of menopause is a choice and one that deserves serious discussion with your physician before you embark on such a regimen. Breast cancer that is ER+ (estrogen receptor positive) is more sensitive to these related risks.

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One response to “awareness: estrogen as a risk factor

  1. Donna, love these awareness posts – great information that I hope is getting out to a lot of people. And thank you for mentioning the guys a few posts back – it’s easy to slip into the false thinking that BC is a women’s disease…

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