awareness: male breast cancer

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Men can also get breast cancer. One in 100 cases of breast cancer is male. The greatest risk is for men between ages 60 and 70 and for men. Risk factors for men are exposure to radiation, Klinefelter’s syndrome, cirrhosis of the liver, presence of the mutated BRCA2 gene and history of use of the drug Finasteride. Occurrence of lumps in the breast is the most frequent sign of male breast cancer.

The usual procedures for breast cancer, except for mammography, are the same for men as for women (various biopsy methods to extract tissue), and both the prognosis and survival are similar for men as for women. The types of breast cancer that affects men include ductal (either in site or invasive), inflammatory breast cancer and Paget’s disease; men’s breasts do not develop lobules, so lobular carcinoma does not occur in male breast cancer.

Statistics indicate that the annual death rate for men with breast cancer is 390; death rate fro women with breast cancer is 40,000.

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