choose a worthy organization for your financial support

When motivation runs high to support research and programs that benefit a broader group of the breast cancer community, you might question how to choose an organization worthy of your charitable generosity. Here are a few ideas that might help. Rather than provide an objective list based on their rankings by two rating sites, I am listing my personal favorite sites and hope you might consider them when you decide to make a donation.

Two organizations come to mind immediately because they are the two current workhorses of the metastatic breast cancer community. They devote all their attention and funding to programs, support and research that target metastatic breast cancer. This is not common. Most other organizations target early stage breast cancer or early detection.

Metastatic Breast Cancer Network devotes its effort to supporting the metastatic breast cancer community, which includes men and women. If you want to know about metastatic breast cancer, this is the best resource. While some other sites include information on MBC, the difference is that MBCN dedicates itself to nothing but MBC. Their programs are high quality and well supported by and with members of the metastatic breast cancer community. Click here to donate.

METAvivor exists solely to support research for metastatic breast cancer. Along with fund-raising events METAvivor accepts donations; click here for options.  They have just awarded two grants to two reseearchers for their work on advanced breast cancer. Read their abstracts:

There are other organizations with which you might have a personal affiliation. Local organizations can be very strong in supporting their communities, and they depend on support from members of that community. If you come across an organization, however, about which you know very little, stop and think before you send them money. The unscrupulous know how to take money, and they use names that sound very much like a legitimate, well-respected organization to confuse the potential donor/victim. Check these sites for organizations new to you before you give. They won’t tell you how much of their programming is devoted to a particular target (e.g. MBC), but they show which organization is good at using money for their cause, rather than overhead.

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