article on Avastin incorrect

This article was some kind of spam. I was never able to verify it, so I have removed its content, though I am leaving the link intact.


The information comes from Elizabeth Mechcatie, medical writer and journalist for a variety of sites, including Elsevier. She covers FDA news, so perhaps her article is the first on the Internet to announce this news. I will continue to research this to ensure it is not a hoax by someone, though one might think it strange that someone would create a hoax about this kind of news. Besides the information in the article is too detailed for the usual spammers online. At any rate, Mechcatie is certainly out in front of the rest of the reporting world with this news.

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One response to “article on Avastin incorrect

  1. Sorry I couldn’t delete my previous comment . I see in the article this is current and mentions the past problems. I am surprised to see this but great news for those that it works for.

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