NBCC Project LEAD aftermath

I am home now after four days of excitement. The exhaustion poured over me as soon as I got in the door. Even my fingers are tired. It is amazing how your body can continue to function when you are so tired until it is safe for it to collapse into a heap. That’s how I feel tonight.

My morning started with some good conversation with my roommate even before we left the room for breakfast. After that it all went quickly. We bid each other farewell, and I caught the shuttle back to the airport. Our driver was a wealth of Seattle knowledge, and he generously dispensed it to us as we headed to the airport. A wheelchair, requested when I made my trip reservation, was absent when I arrived. Staff rolled my bag and escorted a very slow-moving me to a waiting area where some ten others were watching for their wheelchairs to arrive. Some told me it had been over twenty minutes since they sat down. Finally, the wheelchair team must have finished the race, and five chairs arrived simultaneously. Mine, however, was not in that group. After not too much longer, my chair arrived and off I went with my bag in tow.

The flight was good and even a bit quicker than anticipated, arriving a few minutes early. As happened on my first flight of the trip to Seattle, I had the luck of sitting next to another passenger who was delightful company. We talked for most of the trip, and it’s amazing how that shortens the duration of a flight. This time it was a young man who is a student and a musician who writes music and lyrics. It is such a pleasure when you meet someone who, in a brief passing of time, teaches you a valuable lesson. Such was my two-hour conversation with my flight mate.

I have returned home with wonderful memories of the workshop and the visit to Seattle. It will be fun reconnecting online with my fellow “workshoppers” and growing these new relationships with the seeds of conversation we planted together the last few days.

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© 2004–2011 Donna Peach. All rights reserved.


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