catching up with MBCN

The Metastatic Breast Cancer Network held its annual conference at Johns Hopkins in Baltimore this past weekend. I did not attend because I had chosen to attend the Project LEAD (NBCC) workshop the previous weekend and knew that traveling to meetings for two weekends in a row would have exhausted not just my budget. I am waiting for reports coming out of the MBCN conference, which I will post.

In the meantime, I did find that blogger Katherine O’Brien, a member of MBCN, posted her introduction for one of the speakers, Dr. Stephen Baylin. It is a wonderful introduction both for Dr. Baylin and for O’Brien, who tells a story with candor and wit of her own diagnosis of metastatic breast cancer.

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One response to “catching up with MBCN

  1. Hi Donna
    Videos of the presentations will be posted in about a month at; in the interim, here is some brief commentary from Medical Lessons blog:

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