update: PARP inhibitor studies undergoing redesign

When the results from a Phase III study on PARP inhibitor iniparib (Sanofi-Aventis) proved disappointing, review of the results indicated areas of the research protocols that might be refined in order to further study the drug more closely. Based on Phase II studies of iniparib, the expectations for iniparib to be effective for patients with BRCA1/2 mutations were high. Results failed to show the expected results.

Because further yet unidentified subtypes of triple negative and BRCA1/2 breast cancers might play a role in determining the patient population for whom the drug might be effective, researchers are busy redesigning the studies in the hope of identifying those subtypes. Other changes are also under review in planning the updated protocols.

The good news is that PARP inhibitors seem to have a chance at benefiting breast and other cancers.

PARP inhibitors: the story is still unfolding. By Debu Tripathy, MD. In CancerNetwork, Commentary: Oncology. Vol. 25 No. 11, 10-12-11

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