Faslodex 19, Xgeva 11

Treatment day seemed to arrive in no time as the past four weeks seem to have sneaked by somehow. Thank goodness for my Google calendar reminders.

The nursing staff at the infusion center seems to be rotating a bit, so I have had a couple different nurses recently. It’s funny how you get used to the staff and feel instantly comfortable when you see that familiar face who you know understands the ritual of Faslodex® injections. Today I had a different nurse administer the injections. She seemed to be a bit new to the process. I made a comment about the need to warm up the medication before injection, but she seemed either unaware or perhaps just not inclined to converse on the subject. I didn’t want to be completely obnoxious, so I refrained from giving her instructions. The injections seemed to be much quicker than usual, but it seems that, despite some bruising, I am no more discomfort at the injection sites than usual. All is well. I guess that though the 30-second or more rule can break, though I know that the medication does seem to disperse better when injected slowly.

The fatigue always seems to hit me middle of the day, so I have been lagging this afternoon and feeling quite lazy. That’s fine since we had a chillier-than-usual day with rain showers, a good day to be home and conducive to being a bit lazy. I spent most of the day reading and meditating, concentrating on the medication in my body attacking and annihilating the mechanisms of cancer tumor growth—something I do every time I have treatment. It’s a bit strange, but it gives me a sense of comfort and the feeling that I am engaging the troops of my immune system to do battle with the bad tumor cells. I think I must do this when I sleep, too, because I often have the strangest dreams that are too difficult to explain but feel as though they have to do with my body’s cells fighting with the cancer.

Maybe some merlot will help this.

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2 responses to “Faslodex 19, Xgeva 11

  1. Donna, this is my first visit to your blog. I’m in the AEDM group. I am very touched by your post. This is a wonderful resource site — thank you for creating it. I’m sure the mediation is a big boost to you chemo — keep it up.

  2. Hi Donna,
    I am a subscriber and thank you for sharing. My mom has had Faslodex since early July. Just wondering what guidelines your onc used to determine whether it was working? i.e. how long is a definitive time period etc. Thanks!

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