research: positive results for poxviral vaccine for metastatic breast and ovarian cancer

PANVAC, a poxviral-based vaccine shows promise in small, preliminary study (26 subjects) of treatment for metastatic breast or ovarian cancer. Patients who had had fewer lines of chemotherapy showed stronger positive response to the vaccine, possibly indicating the vaccine might be more effective in patients with a stronger immune system.

Mahsa Mohebtash, Kwong-Yok Tsang, Ravi A. Madan, Ngar-Yee Huen, Diane J. Poole, Caroline Jochems, Jacquin Jones, Theresa Ferrara, Christopher R. Heery, Philip M. Arlen, Seth M. Steinberg, Mary Pazdur, Myrna Rauckhorst, Elizabeth C. Jones, William L. Dahut, Jeffrey Schlom and James L. Gulley. A Pilot Study of MUC-1/CEA/TRICOM Poxviral-Based Vaccine in Patients with Metastatic Breast and Ovarian Cancer. In Clin Cancer Res; 17(22); 1–10.

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