UK’s NICE rejects Faslodex (fulvestrant) for treatment of metastatic breast cancer

Great Britain’s National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence (NICE) has recommended against support of  Faslodex® (fulvestrant) in treatment for metastatic breast cancer as a result of its recent review and appraisal of the drug. Although the appraisal indicates that fulvestrant lacks sufficient benefit for overall survival, one of the two gold standards for treatment medications for metastatic disease), it also cites cost as a primary reason for the committee’s support of the drug. The committee recommended two other aromatase inibitors as alternatives to fulvestrant: Arimidex® (anastrozole) or Femara® (letrozole), both of which are significantly less expensive.

Treatment of metastatic cancer involves changes in chemotherapy, hormonal or targeted therapies in response to the cancer’s growth and development. As metastatic cancer continues its spread, treatment choices become fewer as time goes on. Some drugs work better than others for any number of unknown reasons, so the number of choices in the arsenal of therapies is important. Some 50 other countries include fulvestrant in the arsenal for metastatic breast cancer.

NICE refuses AstraZeneca breast cancer drug on NHS. By Ananya Mandal, MD. In 11-13-11

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