losing another friend to MBC

After a day at the medical center for an MRI and an appointment with the pulmonologist that turned out to be exhausting, I spent most of Friday in slow gear. While I was at the medical center, I ran into a friend who gave me bad news about a mutual friend. After my treatment for primary breast cancer in 2004–05 I participated in a committee for enhancing communicating between cancer patients and physicians; this mutual friend was also a member of that committee.

About a year ago or maybe longer I ran into her in the waiting room of my oncologist, and she told me her breast cancer had metastasized. We talked a while and both urged the other to stay in touch and continue hoping for the best. She was a woman who stayed very active even after she retired and after her breast cancer had gone into remission some ten years before metastasis.

Somehow some of us refuse to think this disease is going to catch us even though we do recognize the reality. So it was devastating to learn that another amazing member of this community has danced into the light. I treasure the times we spoke and shared intimate thoughts about our dealing with the changes in our lives. Rest in peace, my friend. I know your family and friends miss you dearly.

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One response to “losing another friend to MBC

  1. Condolences to you honey. I’m sorry. Another lost, another too many.

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