more baking

Baking continues. Today it was cinnamon coffee cake with coconut oil and some tweaking for the whole wheat flour. Voila. Perfect texture and taste. No bitter aftertaste and a beautiful cake that was light and springy. This is an old recipe from James Beard that I have prepared too many times to count. It will remain a favorite. It is easy, quick and fills the house with such a great aroma while baking.

I wanted to bake something else but put it off until tomorrow. I need to do the scones again, after yesterday’s flop, but I may save that for a weekday venture. If they turn out good, I can pass them out to neighbors or local friends. I don’t know what it is about baking that is so satisfying, more so than cooking. Maybe it’s just that unless the meal is something a bit extravagant or something that requires particular timing or technique, it is not much of a challenge. Many years ago, I made soufflés over the course of a few weeks until they turned out just the way I wanted. Whipping eggs and folding ingredients so that the whites maintain volume takes a bit of practice, so it always seems like it is worth the work when it comes out well. While I cannot say I dislike recipes that are just food put together simply, as there is definitely a place for that, especially now, I have always liked learning a technique that creates the basis for the rest of the recipe’s success. Like great stock. I spent a few months on that for a while ago when I wanted a perfect vegetarian stock and felt that most of the store varieties had a weird taste to my palate. I started buying various veggies and cooking up stock whenever I wanted to make soup, another favorite which I have not made in ages. I guess I need to put that on the agenda. Home made soups are divine and so much healthier than most store-bought versions, especially when it comes to the sodium content.

More ideas for next week. For tomorrow, maybe brownies.

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2 responses to “more baking

  1. Reading about your baking experiences has been a joy.

  2. Can you post the cinammon cofee cake recipe that you made? I think it’s SO great that you are doing this.

    Kim in NCAL

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