Faslodex 20, no Xgeva

My oncologist met with me for our regular session, and we reviewed my current symptoms and side effects. We also discussed my latest tumor markers and my MRI report. Based on all, I will be having a CT scan, without the PET, after the holiday month passes. Tumor markers are elevated again, but my oncologist says that my markers have been a bit quirky throughout my treatment, lacking a sufficient consistency to depend on them strongly as indicators of success or failure of my treatment. She ordered CTC (circulating tumor cells), another blood test that is usually more reliable than tumor markers can be in detecting progression. In my case the CA 15.3 is usually more reliable than the CA 27.29, but even the CA 15.3 has varied widely even when my scans have shown no progression. We are hoping the elevation is just one of my quirks rather than a sign of progression. I have been thrilled with the performance of my treatment with Faslodex and hopeful that it would continue to work for me for many more months, if not another year or two, so I am not thinking about any changes until we find out what’s really going on.

Treatment followed the appointment with my oncologist, with only Faslodex® and no Xgeva®. The reason for the break from Xgeva is to see if the post-treatment fatigue will abate. My nurse today had so many vials for collecting blood from me I was glad that I arrived well hydrated from yesterday’s day of heavy tea drinking. Too many times I am dehydrated, and it takes way too long to get sufficient blood for the ordered tests. Karen took care of me with her usual wit and competence, getting me in and out of there in record time. As soon as I walked in, they handed me the Faslodex to warm up while Karen connected my port and got busy draining my blood into her test vials.

I’m not sure why, but I feel drained, falling asleep a couple of times since we got home.

For some odd reason, I feel like waltzing …

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