alternate universe

I have been having pain in the left side of my ribs in the back. It comes and goes and creeps up under my left shoulder blade, so it’s not clear what is going on. Nothing really shows up on the scans, though I have mets scattered around the ribs and spine. I suppose it’s just the natural course of this cancer thing.

So I listen to jazz. In fact, not much of my time at home do I spend without music. Sirius XM has a station named real jazz; it’s my favorite. We used to have few options for listening to good music. Now we have standard radio stations, too few of which play real jazz, however, and when they do, like NPR, it is restricted to certain hours. When you want to sit and listen to some great music, it is so often the case that they are broadcasting either a talk program or something other than your first choice. Between Sirius XM and Spotify, where you can select an artist and play only their music, I find that I rarely resort to our own music collection, online on our music server, thanks to Marvin.

Although my first choice is jazz, I venture outside that realm to new music or, often, to opera. Some of my favorites over the years are Maria Callas, Dame Kiri Te Kanawa, Kathleen Battle and Luciano Pavarotti, José Carreras and Placido Domingo (I picked Siboney just because this is a favorite of  mine since I was a kid, though you must listen to his other opera performances). Last year I listened to Jessye Norman solid for two months. Recently I have discovered Elina Garança, and I cannot get enough of her incredible voice. If I have listened to her Habanera from Bizet’s Carmen once, I have listened to it a hundred times in the last month or so. I feel sure that heaven has descended to our loft when I hear her voice. My neighbors are a little less enthusiastic, though so I am keeping the volume at a reasonable level.

What transcends you when you need an alternate universe?

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2 responses to “alternate universe

  1. Try Anna Nebtrebko and Andre Bocelli.. His voice goes into my heart.

  2. A really delicious book, that takes me to another world. I recently visited middle earth for the umpteenth time. Just what the doctor ordered!

    What a lot of wonderful opera singers to listen to! Thanks honey!

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