ten years

So I decided to cook a little dinner today. This is not an every-day occurrence by any means since my husband likes to eat a meal at lunch and reserve a light snack for evening. Tonight I was cooking what we I had bought over the weekend while it was still fresh, a pork chop for Marvin and some mushrooms and chestnuts in cream for both of us when he came into the kitchen and said he couldn’t believe that he forgot … and I no idea what he was talking about. He looked pretty serious, though, so I thought I should have known what it was. I stood there dumbfounded: no clue, no comment. A blank look on my face. Suddenly, it hit me. Our anniversary is today. In fact, it is our ten-year anniversary. We were both shocked that we both forgot.

We married on my parents’ anniversary because they had so many years of thick and thin together, and they were still in love with each other after nearly 54 years when Mom danced into the light. My parents would be hard to emulate as they went through difficult times in life that I cannot imagine; they always seemed to be a team, though, throughout everything. Dad, being a musician, was a pretty tough kind of guy with an artist’s temperament and a temper that could flare in a flash. My mom was feisty, for sure, and always had a retort for Dad’s  nature; she was not reticent about expressing her opinion.

But they respected each other and had a love that endured from the time they were young, living in a small town in Pennsylvania. When Dad entered the service during World War II, Mom followed him around the country, living in very modest flats. They lived in Colorado Springs, where they got married, and in Atlanta and other places that I do not recall. They both always wanted to be close to one another, so she moved to be close to wherever he was stationed as much as possible. When Dad was away and overseas during the war, he wrote daily letters to my mom. She kept many of the letters, the ones she hid when he told her he didn’t want any reminders of the war around and wanted her to get rid of everything.

I always think of them on their, and our, anniversary. I have a good example of what it takes to keep a marriage going through good times and bad. I enjoy thinking of my mom and dad and their relationship. I remember them stealing kisses in the kitchen when they thought the kids were elsewhere.

Happy anniversary to Mom and Dad and to my wonderful husband and me. We will celebrate on the weekend. It does not matter, really, when or how we celebrate because the only important thing is that we are together. It is a blessing to have someone in life who has your back, even when your thoughts are sidetracked by that elephant in the room. I’m a lucky woman.

The Anniversary Waltz. Jan Peerce. Dedicated to my love.

1 2 3 1 2 3
© 2004–2011 Donna Peach. All rights reserved.

5 responses to “ten years

  1. Happy Anniversary Donna and Marvin!
    With love and light from the Windy City

  2. Happy anniversary and many more to come.

  3. Happy anniversary, you two! Donna, what a lovely story about your mom and dad. I know you and Marvin have something very special, too!
    All our Love, Rebecca, Jim and Emma

  4. Claudia Sandrella Day

    Happy anniversary. I sent you an ecard. PLMK when you get it.
    Love, Claudia

  5. Happy Anniversary! Yes, in spite of all, you are truly blessed.


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