Christmas Eve 2011

Since early this morning it has been a day full of music and mostly holiday music. I found out that Ovation TV is airing two ballets tomorrow 12/25/11 rather than today. Check out this schedule to learn what time to watch.

As of today, the Mariinsky Ballet and the Bolshoi Ballet will perform their very different versions of the popular Nutcracker. If you want to see a most exquisite production, don’t miss the Bolshoi; it dazzles with every jeté and fouetté. If you want to see something quite different, at times even a bit bizarre, watch the Mariinsky version, or at least parts of it. I think their Arabian dance is one of the best. I will say that the emphasis in this version is more on the surreal setting and costuming rather than the incredible dancers that are part of that company.

If you’re still looking for some festive music, check out my donnapeach, holiday list 2011 on YouTube.

Merry Christmas with love.

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