tribute to members of breast cancer community who have danced into the light

Today I am introducing a project that I hope will be meaningful to the members of the breast cancer community. I am compiling a list of the members who have danced into the light. Without having a definite beginning I just launched into it with the limited resources I have, mainly, my own memory and a little help from friends.

In embarking on this project, I hope that some of you will send me the names of people whom you would like me to include in this tribute. I started thinking about this midway through the year as I learned of members of the metastatic breast cancer community who had passed and worried that I would forget their names. I started keeping a personal list. Then, I thought that maybe others would appreciate having a place to remember all of those women whom we have met along this journey.

As the new year draws nearer, I have felt a sense of urgency to commit to some kind of permanent place the names of those women. I have begun with these names, which are from 2011 and 2010, but I will include names that you send me without a limitation to date. I know this cannot be a complete list, but I would like it to represent our family members, our partners, our friends and members of our community of breast cancer as best as possible. We must not forget them. Maybe keeping this special list will allow us to visit and remind us of the fond memories we have of those who touched our lives in some way.

I hope you will join me in paying tribute to the memory of all the members of our community who have danced into the light.

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5 responses to “tribute to members of breast cancer community who have danced into the light

  1. What a beautiful tribute to these brave women and their families! My friend, Sharon Attack, danced into the light about four years ago, so I would love to add her name to your list. Thank you and God bless!

  2. My mom Florence Feldman

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  4. Melissa Buhmeyer

    Wendell Patton Jr, Weste Patton, Cathy Mills, Sue Memhard, Rhoda Mead, Nick Ashford, Mona Handler, Toni Duncan, Karen Gabrielson

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