what’s next now that Faslodex has stopped working

Pain has been less sporadic and nearly constant. Last night it kept me awake most of the night after pain pills failed. I hate that. Previously, it has been mostly pain in my back and scapula, but last night new pain joined the party in the joint between my left femur and pelvis. That pain is like a twitchy, restless leg syndrome, revved up to a throbbing level.  Today the pain lessened in both areas, although the pelvis was still pretty cranky. I tried to do some walking, hoping that maybe the pain is more arthritis than you know what and thinking that maybe the activity would help. My oncology nurse and I talked today to confirm upcoming appointments for scan and x-ray. Since my oncologist is away for the holiday, I will not speak with her until she returns next week.

The run with Faslodex® was great, and now it’s a bit scary to be in that place of uncertainty. I am trying to maintain a sense of calm until we find out exactly what is happening, though this pain is making it hard to avoid thinking about it. As usual, during the day I keep occupied and avoid thinking about what’s going on. Thank goodness for my iPad, which comes in handy at three in the morning when I need some kind of distraction. It helps me cope so that I can avoid keeping my husband awake the entire night. He is always a champ, though, giving me comfort even when he needs his sleep and I’m in a constant toss and turn.

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2 responses to “what’s next now that Faslodex has stopped working

  1. You are so brave – I am keeping you in my prayers!

  2. Bless the hubbies, I say. I wish I had a clever answer for the pain issue – having trouble with that, myself, unfortunately. Also with the ‘well, what now?’ issue. We are birds of a feather, my dear, for good or for ill.

    (we are ill, but friendship is good…)

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