Happy new year to you

Moving into the new year reminds me to remember what’s important. Today, I want to recognize all of you who support me by following my blog. I appreciate all of you whether you follow me with subscriptions to e-mail or RSS or just tune in on your browser. Some of you are quiet, and others drop me a comment or e-mail from time to time; regardless, I appreciate you and thank you for stopping by.

I always strive to make this blog a place that offers more than just a refuge for me, even though that is sometimes what it is. On those rough days of hating cancer and wanting to scream at the top of my lungs, I come here and express my feelings through my blog to you. Your reading my posts supports and comforts me more than you can know. On other days I try to focus that energy into writing about topics that might benefit my readers. The topics do not cease, nor do my efforts to improve both the content and the way I present it. I do not write this blog for myself; I have a journal for that. I write for you.

So, as the new year of 2012 begins, I hope you will continue to follow me and let me know from time to time your thoughts or feelings about either what I write or what might be important to you that day. I have met some inspiring people through this blog, some whom I have not yet seen face to face. The power of communication lies in whatever tool or device we choose to share it, and I hope that with my blog we will stay in touch and learn much from one another in how to cope, but more important, how to thrive despite what we face.

Happy New Year with love.

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7 responses to “Happy new year to you

  1. And Happy New Year to you too Honey! Sending hugs and appreciation, gathering energy for another year of focusing on what matters. That’s you, and so many other wonderful friends I’ve come to love so much while dealing with the beast. May your beast go back to sleep quickly and for a long time!

  2. I know what you mean when you say your blog may be for you. That’s probably why we all write blogs: We’re seeking words of comfort from others, and aren’t we blessed to find that comfort? Your website is so comprehensive and full of great information.

    Continue to fight hard and be well this year, sweet lady.

  3. Happy New Year to you also ~ Visiting from CED ~ thanks ~ namaste, Carol ~ Share the Creative Journey and A Creative Harbor ~ Happy New Year!

  4. I missed seeing your posts/ blog on fb, so I finally figured out how to subscribe to your blog. Pathetic, I know!
    I, like many others I’m sure, read your blog and wonder, ‘how do I respond to that?’ Sitting on the sidelines, while you and your Met sisters are battling this beast physically, mentally, and emotionally. What words can I possibly write that will ease that burden for even a moment? Just sitting here, thinking and writing this, I’ve gone through 3 Kleenex…I don’t know how you do this.
    You have always been a great role model, and an inspiration to me. As a little girl, I always looked up to you. And now that I’m taller than you, I still do look up to you 🙂 There are so many others who are touched by your positive energy and amazing outlook on life! Just like grandma ❤
    Stay strong, and know that I am always there on the sidelines, cheering you on!
    I love you ❤

  5. I have found this community of bloggers to be a lifeline in so many ways. The blogosphere is the place that I remember that I am never alone. I can’t imagine what we did in times before the virtual world existed. The isolation must have been unimaginable. Happy New Year to you Donna!

  6. the sense of community that comes from blogging is amazing and such a gift… I love it sooo much and your wonderful post really touched me… looking forward to following along through CED and reading more of your wonderful words…xx

  7. Wishes for a relatively healthy and outrageously joyful New Year, darling girl. I’m so glad to have ‘met’ you!!

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