calibration for radiation therapy

While I still have pending appointments with my oncologist, primary care physician and a renal specialist, I heard from the radiation oncology department today. They will perform the calibration for upcoming radiation to my spine. I will find out exactly what area will receive the treatment, but I think it will be limited to the area with the most osteoblastic activity, which is probably the area causing pain and other neural sensations. Although I have progression in my upper thoracic area, the T5 appears to be the most active. I will find out more when I have my calibration appointment.

The pain pills are definitely helping. As long as I take them fairly regularly, rather than waiting for the pain to become too lively, they are effective. I have learned from experience to take a dose at night before I go to sleep; otherwise, the pain keeps me awake through the night. Occasionally, I wake up with pain around three or four o’clock, and I take the rest of the dose at that time so I can sleep the rest of the night. What a difference it makes to be able to sleep through the night.

I am fortunate and pleased that this is working for me.

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